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Are you ready to revolu-tionize the game of golf and take your passion for playing to the next level?

Look no further than Next Golf, the premium indoor golf franchise that is changing the landscape of the sport. Indoor golf is one of the hottest trends in entertainment and sports today, with a market value of $1.3 billion that’s expected to more than double by 2030.

Next Golf is more than just a golf simulator venue. We’re a socially interactive, market-leading entertainment destination that offers a futuristic solution to the old-school restraints of golf. With low overhead and high-margin opportunities for our franchisees backed by state-of-the-art virtual reality technology, there’s never been a better time to join us in the modern golf movement. 

At Next Golf, our mission is simple, to provide top-notch indoor golf experiences for players of all skill levels, anytime and anywhere. Now, we’re ready to bring our unique concept to all of Canada. With a highly experienced management team and a simple-to-operate business model that requires minimal staffing, Next Golf is perfectly poised for nonstop growth across the country!

We’re the only brand offering a franchise opportunity in the premium indoor golf category. With over 200 five-star Google ratings, we’ve built a loyal following through expert modern marketing, superior service, and an unmatched experience. Our streamlined operating structure makes it easy for franchisees to hit the ground running and run a profitable business in an expanding industry quickly. 

As the biggest premium indoor golf chain in ontario, we feature the best industry-rated technology, including a priority fully integrated automation system. With this cutting-edge technology, Next Golf is set up to be successful in almost any market. Our team has cracked the code as industry leaders with a proven track record of rapid growth, and we’re ready to guide you step-by-step!

If you’re ready to pursue a unique and exciting venture in the developing sports and entertainment industry, Next Golf is the franchise opportunity for you. See you on the green!

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Next Golf is the ultimate franchise opportunity for anyone looking to break into the booming indoor golf industry with an established brand. We’re offering a proven business model that is simple to operate and state-of-the-art technology that is unlike anything else around. Next Golf is passionate about creating the best possible experience for the customer with great results to the bottom line, no ifs, ands, or putts about it!

Profitable Plan – Next Golf has an extremely strong potential ROI for a franchise owner with an impressively marketable and sustainable model, especially when compared to the rest of the industry.

Easy To Operate – The Next Golf systems are operationally structured to run smoothly with few employees and a balanced workload. Our workflows, process management, and experience in the field mean franchisees can be up and running in no time.

Market Ready – There are markets across North America that perfectly fit the profile for the Next Golf revolution. Today we are the only brand that offers franchise opportunities in the premium indoor golf category!

Unique Concept – The Next Golf model is unique and provides a different approach to the traditional game of golf. There is a specific focus on golf play, practice, and coaching as well as a reasonable pricing strategy that sets us apart.

Expert Training – Our comprehensive training means any motivated franchisee interested in learning the business can be successful. We have industry experts on our team to guide franchisees every step of the way.

Positive Reputation – Next Golf is committed to strong client service and has already earned over 500 five-star google ratings. This level of customer care differentiates Next Golf from the rest of the market.

Cutting-Edge Technology - As the biggest premium indoor golf chain in Ontario, Next Golf features the best industry-rated technology and a priority fully integrated automation system.

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At Next Golf, we’re committed to helping our franchisees build long-lasting success that they can be proud of. That’s why we offer expert support, comprehensive training, and ongoing guidance to ensure our partners have all the tools and resources they need to run a profitable business that turns their passion into purpose and feels like fun! From initial setup to day-to-day operations, our experienced team guides franchisees through every aspect of the business, helping to maximize profits and build a loyal customer base. Our partners can feel confident knowing that we’re always here to answer questions, troubleshoot any issues, and provide the knowledge needed to stay ahead!

Real Estate Site Selection and Design

Sales and Customer Service Training

Brand Management and Local Marketing

Vendor Network and Purchasing Discounts

Technological Implementation and Training

Business Development and Sales Support

A Look At The Numbers


FEE $35,000

of Gross Sales

3% of Gross Sales

1% of Gross Sales

Franchising FAQ

We’re looking for franchises that have a passion for golf and understand how to establish relationships with customers. A strong hospitality background and a high level of professionalism are preferred!

We offer a variety of finance options tailored to meet the needs of different franchisees. These may include traditional bank loans, Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, equipment leasing, franchise-specific financing, and more. Our team will work closely with you to explore the best option for your specific situation.

Yes! We offer exclusive territories to all of our franchisees based in a defined area documented as a 100,000 population center or a 5km radius from the location, whichever is less.

Regulations prohibit us from making any earnings claims on our site. For more exact numbers within our franchise disclosure document (FDD), fill out the initial contact form.

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